Scout Media

Established in 2013, Scout Media is an independent publishing company, record label, and copy-editing service for aspiring authors and musicians/bands.

1. The fourth installment in Scout Media's 'Of Words' anthologies. A Contract of Words will include authors from all over the world, and the stories will all involve a contract.

2. Brian Paone's 5th novel: A comedic-military novel about the eight months his wife was deployed to Djibouti, Africa, in 2010 and left him home alone with two toddlers, and the learning curve and craziness that ensued during those months. Every night he would send her an email reviewing that day's shenanigans, and the main composition of the book will be centered around the content of those emails.

3. The fifth installment in Scout Media's 'Of Words' anthologies. Title forthcoming.

1. Brian Paone's 6th release: A quasi-sci-fi novella adaptation of Digital Underground's Sex Packets album, focusing around the bumbling antics of the Packet Man as he distributes the drug on the streets.

2. The sixth installment in Scout Media's 'Of Words' anthologies. Currently untitled.