Scout Media

Established in 2013, Scout Media is an independent publishing company, record label, and copy-editing service for aspiring authors and musicians/bands.


1. Brian Paone's sequel to his 2017 supernatural, crime-noir novel, Moonlight City Drive.

2. Todd Smith's (of Dog Fashion Disco) children's book, Poof & Snoofin, about true friendship in the animal world.

3. Mike Edwards' memoir novel, Death Threats from an Eight-Year-Old, about the rise and post-popularity of his band, Jesus Jones.

4. Douglas Espers’ memoir novel, Jump Starting a Jalopy, about the reemergence of ex-Faith No More singer, Chuck Mosley.

5. The sixth installment in Scout Media's 'Of Words' anthologies, A Bond of Words.

6. Brian Paone’s rock-fiction novella adaptation of Digital Underground’s Sex Packets album.


1. The seventh & eighth installments in Scout Media's 'Of Words' anthologies.


1. Brian Paone's final instalment in his Moonlight City Drive trilogy.