Scout Media

Established in 2013, Scout Media is an independent publishing company, record label, and copy-editing service for aspiring authors and musicians/bands.


Working with Brian was amazing. The first thing I had edited by him was a short story. He helped guide me not only through the process of what an editor does but also helped explain things when I need. His attitude and readiness to handle anything I wrote, any genre and any length, led him to be the editor for two novels and nearly a dozen short stories of mine. The time and energy he gave to answer questions and make sure I understood was some of the best customer service I’ve received, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.
— Kari Holloway
Brian Paone has edited several short stories and two novels for me. His knowledge of sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation is exceptional. He has returned each manuscript with well-documented notes in a timely manner. Most importantly, he is available during the entire process for consultation. Because of his attention to his clients’ needs, I highly recommend his editing services.
— Dawn Taylor
Courteous, professional, service. Mr. Paone is an excellent editor. He not only has an eye for detail that helps you refine your manuscript, but also takes the time to explain the changes made. I have learned more about writing from working with Mr. Paone than in all of my classes and workshops combined. Every piece he works on makes me better at my craft. I recommend him to any author who is looking to put out the best product possible!
— Jacklynn Desmond
I had Brian edit my debut novel, and he made the stressful process (so I’ve heard) quite bearable. For as cheap of a price that he asks for, he’s very thorough and takes the time out to explain why he made the changes or suggestions that he did. He was amazing! He will be my go-to editor for all of my future works, and I recommend him to any new client that is in search of an extraordinary editor.
— DL Stewart
I’ve worked with Brian on several short stories over the last three years. Each time, his edits, comments (especially his humour), and advice have helped me to improve my writing skills. Working with Brian is a pleasure, and he makes what could be a stressful and daunting task much more bearable. I look forward to working with Brian again in the future.
— David Williams
A heart felt thank you to Brian Paone for the brilliant editing of my military sci-fi novel, Another Day. I was amazed at the level of detail put into reviewing my writing, and the “catches” identified, for example, “lined up like cordwood,” and “commissioned officer,” were particularly illuminating. His military experience and understanding of military functions were extremely helpful in guiding me to better carry the story that I was attempting to create. I also found the comments added in explanation of suggested changes were very helpful. The result of Brian’s efforts are certain to improve my writing.
— Terry Perrine
Absolutely one of the best edits I have ever received! Brian is thorough, knowledgeable, and expeditious. An edit from him should be considered a mini-grammar and punctuation refresher course. Well worth every penny!
— Holly Gallant
I choose Scout Media to edit several short stories about three months ago for a one-year challenge I entered. My experience with this company has been outstanding. I had been searching for a beginner friendly editing service I would not find intimidating, (not an easy task.) I did not want to have to pay expensive per-word prices or wait for an extended turnaround time. Brian Paone politely and promptly responds with easy-to-read corrections within one to two days. I can e-mail questions; answers arrive instantly. I appreciate his immediate acknowledgment, and I never miss a deadline. Brian Paone’s professionalism at Scout Media at a reasonable price cannot be duplicated. I highly recommend the services that Scout Media provides.
— Maria Delaney
Brian Paone has edited several of my stories, and he is wonderful. He does an amazing job, and he takes to explain things so I know how to avoid future mistakes.
— Patricia Stover
Thank you for the speedy turnaround. I must say you’ve done a very professional job. Fantastic. Thank you!! Excellent job.
— Andrew Cook
I’ve used Brian Paone’s editing services several times and couldn’t be more pleased. He’s attentive and observant, and my writing is better for it.
— DL Willette
Brian edits everything I write, and I’ve always been happy. He explains each correction and helps me understand why the changes need to be made. I’ve learned more from his edits than in any classroom setting. In the end, my work is polished and reads smoothly without losing my voice.
— Amy Hunter
Brian has edited several short stories for me over the past couple years. He is always professional and courteous, he completes the work in a timely fashion, and his fees are reasonable. Brian is very thorough and explains suggested changes in easy to understand terms. If I have any questions regarding changes, he is always happy to explain further. I look forward to working with Brian again, and I am happy to recommend his services.
— Laurie Gardiner
If you are looking for an editor who will do a great job at a fair price, then Brian is your guy. He’s edited multiple pieces for me, including my novel, The Bookshop and the Junglest. He is diligent about completing the project in a timely manner and is excellent about maintaining the author’s voice. I highly recommend him to any serious author who is looking to polish their diamond and have a manuscript they can be proud of.
— Robert L. Perrine
Brian Paone has edited six short stories of mine and has done a fantastic job. He goes in-depth to provide not only grammatical fixes but also makes suggestions to make the story more cohesive. I have learned so much from him and highly recommend his services.
— MR Ward
I think the toughest task in the writing process is finding a good editor. I struggled a lot, until I found Brian in one of the Facebook groups. He has edited two short stories for me and made them shine. What I love about his editing is that he takes extra effort to write comments about mistakes, which helps me improve as a writer. I feel confident about my work once it passes through him. Glad that I found an awesome editor.
— Urvashi Pahwa