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Established in 2013, Scout Media is an independent publishing company, record label, and copy-editing service for aspiring authors and musicians/bands.

A Haunting of Words (Kindle) + companion soundtrack download


A Haunting of Words (Kindle) + companion soundtrack download


From Scout Media comes A Haunting of Words—the third volume in an ongoing short story anthology series featuring authors from all over the world.

In this installation, the reader will experience a multi-genre journey beyond traditional haunts; from comedy, to drama, fantasy, romance, and horror, these stories put eclectic spins on the every-day ghost tale. Whether you are running from the ghost of a vengeful mother, falling in love with an apparition, touring with a deceased famous musician, saving a newborn from a possessed crib, or having a specter cat as a sidekick, these stories of hauntings and apparitions will warm your heart, send shivers down your spine, and tickle your funny bone. 

Whether to be enlightened, entertained, or momentarily caught up in another world, these selections convey the true spirit of the short story.

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1. Brian Paone - Anesthetize (or A Dream Played in Reverse on Piano Keys)
2. D.W. Vogel - Rowdy
3. Virginia Carraway Stark - Widower's Choice
4. K.N. Johnson - The Blue Amberol Turns Again
5. Travis West - If It's Not Okay, It's Not the End
6. J.M. Ames - Only the Dead Go Free
7. Mariana Llanos - The Unimportance of Being Oscar
8. D.L. Smith-Lee - Knock, Knock
9. Kari Holloway - Gunpowder & Wool
10. Laurie Gardiner - Thief
11. Dawn Taylor - Pepe
12. E.C. Jarvis - Outlook Supplies
13. C.H. Knyght - The Last
14. William Thatch - A Wacky, Fantastical Misadventure in New Haven
15. Donise Sheppard - Coal Run Road
16. Ricardo Anthonio - I'm Not Sure What It Means
17. F.A. Fisher - Fighting Sleep
18. Suanne Kim - Objects in Motion
19. Patricia Stover - Plastic Boy
20. Laura Ings Self - Home
21. J.M. Turner - Joe
22. Jacob Prytherch - Worm
23. Lauren Nalls - The Rub
24. Monica Sagle - Storm House
25. Amy Hunter - Salted Ground
26. Quinne Darkover - Groceries Every Day
27. Sunanda J. Chatterjee - Jimmy's Shadow
28. R.J. Castiglione - The Jonathan of Bracken Manor
29. B. Sharpe - Black Butterfly
30. River M. Daniel - Fragments