Scout Media

Established in 2013, Scout Media is an independent publishing company, record label, and copy-editing service for aspiring authors and musicians/bands.

Scout Media offers editing by Brian Paone on all genres of novels & short stories. We look for typos, punctuation errors, missing punctuation, capitalization errors, proper sentence structure and correct order of words, prepositions in the wrong place, double-prepositions, reduction of verb/preposition combos, unnecessary words, sentence fragments, run-on sentences, reconstructing sentences to omit filler words (such as “there was” and “going to”), erroneous extra spaces, replacing ambiguous uses of the word 'it,' replacing non-descriptive to-be verbs (such as 'was') with action verbs, correct format for dialogue and action tags, misspelled words, comma splices, awkward sentences, flow and pace, correct tense, dangling participles, passive voice to active voice, overuse of pleonasms, appropriate contraction use, redundancy of words, replacing overused adverbs with action verbs, creating a balance between action tags and dialogue tags, misused words, suggestions with synonyms, incorrect use of italics or caps, proper formatting when naming a song, album, movie, book title etc., highlight passages where the author is "telling and not showing," and all other formatting errors which will bring your story to industry standard.

Brian Paone provided editing services for the following 360 manuscripts:

Deloney Krahn - The Dark Below
Mark Russo - Hell’s Gifts
Rayona Lovely Wilson - Can You Feel My Heart?
M.J. Chijere - Everything is Possible
Alaine Greyson - Chasing Peace
Amy Workman - Sweet Home Zombies
Dawn Taylor - Finding Laura
Elizabeth K. Hoffman - The People We Meet
A.L. White - Nefertem: Ancient Alien
E.A. Owen - Suffocating Secrets
Douglas Esper - Reintroducing Chuck Mosley
Goran K. King - No Time to Duck
Daniel J. Moylan - Dragon Noir
Jim Keen - Cortex: The Streets
Terry Perrine - Storm Warning (A Max Storm Adventure 2)
Mike Edwards - Death Threats from an Eight-Year-Old
D.L. Stewart - The Battle for Metagore
Pam Van Allen - Five Legends, Five Guitars
Dawn Taylor - Unraveled Ties
Amanda Hicks - The Circle of Fate
Terry A. Perrine - Another Day
Robert L. Perrine - The Bookshop & The Junglest
Pam Van Allen - Midnight on the Water
Dawn Taylor - Something's Not Right With Lucy
K.L. Holloway - Behind the Lens
K.L. Holloway - Cracked but Never Broken
Kathy Lewis - Souls Switching Bodies
L.J. Stephens - Genuine
Wim Verveen - Indexed
Kim Loraine - Restoration
Kim Loraine - Renovation

Varun Sayal - Disciples of Trikaal
Ramsha Essa - Rebel Against the Odds
Ronald Holmes - Kanara’s Run
Dawn Goins - Song of the Blue Bird
A.L. White - Lost Colony
Renee Stout - The Answer Book
A.L. White - Book of Death
Jacklynn Desmond - Sixteen
Travis West - Flannery
D.L. Willette - Home is Where We Are

Allison Maspero - Hair Rats
Allison Maspero - Lilah & the Green-Eyed Monster
Allison Maspero - Ella Gets Embarrassed
Allison Maspero - The Friendly Little Flame
Todd Smith - Poof & Snoofin
Rebecca Homan Coors - A Little Fox Named Filmore

Travis West - The Admiral Returns to Ship
Frankie Delson - A Dog’s Fairy Tale
Latasha Dale - The Committee
Alaine Greyson - Keeping Traditions
Alaine Greyson - Merry Christmas
Marie McGrath - Paws & Santa Claus
J.M. Ames - Who Knows Where
Frankie Delson - The Coffee Date
Maria Delaney - The Piano Man
Marie McGrath - Christmas Locket
Michael Holcombe - Jack & The Beam Stalks
Alaine Greyson - Christmas Spirit
Marianne Reese - Infectious Smile
Sunanda Chatterjee - Conflicted Love
Sunanda Chatterjee - Creepy Crawlies
Sunanda Chatterjee - School Lunch
Sunanda Chatterjee - The Street Crossing
Sunanda Chatterjee - The Flight
Sunanda Chatterjee - Crosstalk
Sunanda Chatterjee - Daisy
Sunanda Chatterjee - The Muddy Shoes
Sunanda Chatterjee - A Cup of Coffee
Sunanda Chatterjee - The Escape
Sunanda Chatterjee - A Friend, a Date, and a Carton of Milk
Sunanda Chatterjee - Untethered
Sunanda Chatterjee - Crumbling Brown Petals
Marie McGrath - Coming Home for Christmas
Marianne Reese - Anacortes’ Accomplice
Alaine Greyson - Always You
Thomas Gore - Abaddon Rise
Maria Delaney - I Do It for the Glory
Jim Keen - The Highline
Maria Delaney - Who Knew I Work Here?
Maria Delaney - A Wicked Search for Excitement
Mika Spruill - The Men
Chris Dunshee - Dungeon Crawler
Gabriella Balcom - Edwina
Gabriella Balcom - One Santa, Two Santa …
Carl D. Jenkins - Mehen
Carl D. Jenkins - Sunset in a Cup
Gabriella Balcom - The Red, Grey, Black, and White
Marianne Reese - The Lost Cabin
Travis West - Tug
Tuesday Fielding - Frankie Cheese’s Fast & Quick Supermarket in Downtown Reno
L.J. Stephens - A Night for Jack-O-Lanterns & Scarecrows
Varun Sayal - Gold Gene Assassin
Maria Delaney - Cowboy Johnny
Draevnn Motkova - The Games We Play
Kori Atkins - Reverse Russian Roulette
Mark Russo - The Path to R
Maria Delaney - She’s Gone Mad
Maria Delaney - Cupid
Mika Spruill - The Operation
Brad Peate - Last Chance
Amber Davies - Those Who Seek
Mika Spruill - The DeLorean
Carolyn Young - Something That Starts With S
Maria Delaney - So Cutthroat, So Vile
Erin Crocker - Honesty’s Horns
Marianne Reese - Words Matter
Mika Spruill - A Small Piece of Forgiveness
Thomas J. Curtis - Dancing in Smoke
Amanda Hicks - Blood on the Spuds
Thomas J. Curtis - The Younger Son
Thomas J. Curtis - The Hill
Dawn Taylor - Behold, The Answer!
Mika Spruill - Hunting Wolves
Maria Delaney - The New Me
Patricia Stover - Bloody Berber
Brad Peate - The Olive
Brad Peate - The Ledge
Brad Peate - Ellen Harding
Brad Peate - The Incident
Thomas J. Curtis - An Odd Pair of Shoes
Mika Spruill - The Dumping Tree
Erin Crocker - The Unlikely Trouble With Pecan Pies
L.J. Stephens - One Lucky Soul
L.J. Stephens - Pumpkin Spice Tea
Nikola Subotic - The Moon Over Shengzou
Joshua Guzman - The Hunter & The Firefly
Maria Delaney - No One Can Know
Elizabeth Goffena - Death Cycle
L.J. Stephens - It’s Just a Game
Kim Patterson - Saving Grace
J.M. Ames - Beneath the Blue Irises
Carlos Bowe - The Storm Over Archipelago
R.M. Demeester - Split
Maria Delaney - A Single Black Rose
Kyle Lechner - Don’t Mess With It
Laurie Gardiner - Abigail Jones
Elizabeth Hillyer - Icarus
Kelly Fox - Tiny Violins in the Cat Department
Maria Delaney - The Last Installment
Frank Pea - The Barbie Consequence
Frank Pea - A Writer & His Words
Maria Delaney - The Night I Cheated Death
Andrew Cook - Face in the Dirt
Maria Delaney - Leftovers
Gabriella Balcom - Ripples
L.J. Stephens - Girls’ Night In
Gabriella Balcom - What I Miss the Most
Carolyn Mildern - Adam’s Imaginary Friend
Carolyn Mildern - Until Death
Grace V. Hitchman - His Name is Wormwood
Dawn Taylor - Emily
Maria Delaney - Robbed
Maria Delaney - I Never Knew
J.M. Ames - Not Yet Dark
Grace V. Hitchman - The Bohemeth
Grace V. Hitchman - Buddy's Last Day
Holly Gallant - Summer's Child
Maria Delaney - What Have We Done?
Frankie Delson - An Adoption Story
Carl D. Jenkins - Aunt by Ant
Jefferey Martin - The Birth of Hanniba'al
L.J. Stephens - Let Her Sleep
Urvashi Pahwa - Erasing #MeToo
Jean Frost Smith - A Breath of Fresh Air
Caitlin Cording - Volcanoes & Hurricanes
Carl D. Jenkins - Well Thawed Out
Caitlin Cording - Turtles, Siblings, and Hondas
Jeanne Felfe - Sister of the Light
Grace V. Hitchman - The Blasphemer
Grace V. Hitchman - Sandra's Story
L.J. Stephens - The Legend of the Dancing Cowboy
Urvashi Pahwa - Elina
Marianne Whittaker - Ghosts of the Past
Caitlin Cording - Coffee
Aman Gupta - Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock
Mercedes Siler - In the Dark
Martina Sperenza - Twilight Sirens
Salman Ikram - Heart Vibes
J.M. Ames - The Californian
Pam Van Allen - Fool on the Hill
M. Anne Brew - The Watcher
Carl D. Jenkins - Mitener Coluen
A.L. Paradiso - My Dragon
Jennifer Garrett - In the Twilight of Day
Erin Skolney - Xibalba
L.J. Stephens - Yet My Blood Still Runs Cold
A.L. Paradiso - Cadet Christmas
A.L. Paradiso - Snake Hill
Pam Van Allen - Old Brown Shoe
Laurie Gardiner - There's No Sunshine in Hell
Karen Ince - Lemon Balm
Chloe-Helen Morgan - Fishing for Feet
Marc Moore - Tailors vs Zombies
Rayona Lovely Wilson - Please Don't Kill Me
Isaac Hamilton - Where Daddy Goes
David Gosnell - Prime Location
Aman Gupta - The Green Blip
Carolyn Mildren - Henry's Secret
A.K. Hata - Words of Change
A.L. Paradiso - Morning Coffee
Carolyn Mildren - Daisy Chains
Jacklynn Desmond - Chickens
Jacklynn Desmond - Kate
Sharon Howard - Thantos
A.L. Paradiso - Travel Io
Owen Morgan - The Harbinger Bell
Owen Morgan - Amber Embers
Curtis A. Deeter - Hut, Hut, Bang
Erin Skolney - Recognition
Shannon Wallace - Feathery Wings
Jay Frost - Dinner for One
Sarah-Louise Knight - Crooked Smile
L.J. Stephens - The Retractor
David Williams - The Main Event
C.L. Steele -  Artificial
J.M. Ames - Endless Skies
C.L. Steele - Unheard Scream
Amy Hunter - Proof of Life
Laurie Gardiner - Don't Forget Me
Nici Watt Thompson - Done & Done
C.L. Steele - Finished
Erin Crocker - Lost Faith
M.R. Ward - Mer Girl
Aman Gupta - Friends & Enemies
Travis West - Charlie & Gus
Pam Van Allen - Drive My Car
Dawn Taylor - Solomon's Fence
Laurie Gardiner - Alone
Jennifer Garrett - The Journey Within
T.A. Blake - Finding Alice
Patricia Stover - Night of the Eye Crystal Lake
Dawn Taylor - Eli's Lies
M.R. Ward - Follow Me
M.R. Ward - Sky Fits Heaven
Kalesjha H. Wolf - Mine
Amy Hunter - Monster's Edge
Irene Stark - Star Truck
Amy Hunter - No Cure for Blessed Hearts
Lucille Moncrief - Honor the Suffering
Lucille Moncrief - Nefarious
Dawn Taylor - For the Want of a Name
Kayleen Gardiner - [untitled "A Haunting of Words" submission]
P.J. Douglas - Dead Men Can Fly
Lauren Nalls - The Rub
J.M. Ames - Thankful
B. Kinder - Ghost Girl
G.V. Hitchman - Brian's Story
Jasmine Collins - Livingism
Nici Wyatt Thompson - A Long Time Coming
Diamantoula Triantafyllou - Precious Moments of Life
C.L. Steele - AI Cave
J.M. Ames - The Snow Bride
J.M. Ames - Only the Dead Go Free
J.K. Harrison - Stealing the Curse
David Williams - The London to Portsmouth Loop
Bryan Campbell - What Remains
Arielle Williams - Cost of Eternal Life
Matthew Stevens - The Spark of Ambition
Theresa Schevis - Sarah's Serenade
Diana Wilkie - Annie's Special Day
Brittany Rainsdon - Born of Ancestral Fire
Carl D. Jenkins - Things Left Behind
Carl D. Jenkins - The Knowing
C.L. Steele - Which Shoes?
Travis West - If It's Not Okay, It's Not the End
Jacklynn Desmond - Seventy-Five Pounds
Nici Wyatt Thompson - She Never Truly Died
Laurie Gardiner - Thief
M.R. Ward - The Road Back
Amy Hunter - Queen of the Waves
Patricia Rose - Maize
Jennifer Garrett - Secrets Never Die
D.L. Willette - Lost & Found
Dawn Taylor - Hum
Amy Hunter - Neighbors
Andrew Birch - Twin
Dawn Taylor - A Date With Lucy
Dawn Taylor - Come Back Next Tuesday
Rianne Moss - A Young Boy
C.L. Steele - Grandma's Cooking
Jennifer Skolney - Gray Lake
Gena White - The Strange Case of Esmeralda Woodrow
L.J. Stephens - Melodic Silence
Wim Verveen - Finding Soul
Justin Ames - Waves
Amy Hunter - Salted Ground
Laura Ings Self - Home
Sarah Louise Knight - Macey's Diner
M.R. Ward - Tootsie
D.L. Willette - Reflections of Memory
Ben Harris - Turnstile
Dawn Taylor - Pepe
D.L. Willette - In the Spirit of Harmony
Diana Wilkie - Waylon's Wailings
C.L. Steele - One & Only
K.L. Holloway -  Trapped by Design
K.L. Holloway - Beneath the Masks
K.L. Holloway - Gunpowder & Wool
Justin Cider - Unpicked Berries
Sarah Louise Knight - Full Disclosure
K.L. Holloway - White Moth & Clock Chimes
K.L. Holloway - Exchanging Paint
Analise Paone - The Other Side
Carl Jenkins - Jurassic Station
Patricia Stover - Creepers
E.C. Jarvis - Book of Flame (first 2k words only)
M.R. Ward - The Open Road
David Ritter - Lumber
Travis West - Bare-Knuckle Nick
Jacklynn Desmond - Six Miles to Suring
Matthew Stevens - Running into Trouble
Justin Ames - The Last Ride
Arielle Williams - Counting Lambs & Lions
David Williams - Get Your Kicks on Route 66
Kathy Lewis - Vision of Her Pain
Travis West - High on a New Thing
Matt Cogdill - Follow the Red
Douglas Esper - A Certain Point of View
Patricia Stover - Plastic Boy
Amy Hunter - Core
Dawn Taylor - The Double Nickel Tour
Christina M George - Caitlin's Engagement
Denise Longrie - Listen
Michelle Jillian Bailey - The Bayou Never Speaks
Randy Blazak – Elvis is My Rider
Chuck Mosley – Mark Bowen
Kim Loraine – Hungry: The Memoir of Abby Snow
Leah Lederman – Lithium Sandwich
Douglas Esper – My Wife’s Favorite
Travis West – The Most Beautiful Boy
Michelle Jillian Bailey – Roadkill
Richard Lopez Salgado – The World From Below
Stephanie Rogish – Saturday Night
Lee Diogeneia – Consumed
Jacob Prytherch – The Uncanny Mr. Bones
A Lee Ajang – Twin Lanes
Steven Hartov – Dead Drop
Faith Cooper – Aurora
Alfred Balcon – L’ultima Raccolta Dei Rifuti: The Ultimate Garbage Collection
Cynthia Paone – If This Color Could Tell a Story
Stephen Rhodes – Just Another Day in Hell
Dan Golden – It’s Yours
Alex Lonchiadis – Vampire Coyote

Frankie Delson - Skipping Stones (first chapter only)
Crystal Sampson - Fields of Secrets (first 5 chapters only)
Urvashi Pahwa - [Untitled] (first 1k words only)
Theresa Schevis - Isabella (first chapter only)
Zacheri J. - Stories from the Land of Myth (first 1500 words only)
C.H. Williams - Maisie Ever After (first 6k words only)
R.M. Demeester - From What’s Broken (first 11 chapters only)
K.T. Rombough - Elemental (first chapter only)
Taelor Milius - Butterfly Release Specialist (first 6k words only)
Zhou Tai An - The Journey So Far (first chapter only)
Emily Conner - A Bittersweet Betrayal (first 9k words only)
Alicia Dada - Victory Fall (first chapter only)
Rianne Moss - It's Never Water Under the Bridge (first 12 chapters only)
Chris Ryan - Genius High (first 10 chapters only)

Carl D. Jenkins - Teeth

Kaitlyn Delaney - college entrance essay