Scout Media

Established in 2013, Scout Media is an independent publishing company, record label, and copy-editing service for aspiring authors and musicians/bands.

The guidelines for Scout Media's Volume 3 short story compilation are as follows:

A Haunting of Words– All stories must include a haunting, entity, possession, conjuring, or apparition. The stories DO NOT have to be horror!!! This is NOT a horror anthology. Do not confuse genre with a theme. We encourage romance (Ghost, The Ghost & Mrs. Muir), comedy (High Spirits, Repossessed), Sci-Fi (Event Horizon), drama (A Christmas Carol, The Others), Fantasy (Spirited Away), action (Ghostbusters), and of course, horror. All stories must include a haunting, entity, possession (as long as the possessing is by a spirit or ghost), conjuring, or apparition. NO DEMONIC POSSESSIONS.

Submission deadline will be March 1, 2017,  at midnight.

All stories must be under 10k words, but there is no minimum.

All genres are welcome.

The story can not have appeared in any published medium before. If the story is available online by the author themselves, it must be removed and only be exclusively available in this book. We will not accept stories that have already been published.

If you are using a pen name, please submit your story using your real name, and after the title of the story, please write your pen name. We need your real name so we have the ability to contact you, but it will be published under your pen name.